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120 pax | Dubai

The brief for this program was bringing together the Top Achievers of both the Asia Pacific and the UAE regions. For the fortunate recipients, this trip was purely an incentive product which commenced with the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This extraordinary hotel decorated with no expense spared was the base for the initial part of the itinerary. From here we visited the Ferrari Centre and also the F1 Racetrack for a live driving session and some laps. Other popular stops included famous palaces and landmarks. The hotel functions were draped in local history and tradition. For a change of scene we moved from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Here we performed some incredible offsite functions overlooking the most powerful water and light show in the world, amazing dessert journeys in Toyota 4WD Luxury fitted Landcruiser’s incredible functions fully serviced in 5 star fashion in the middle of the dessert. With an amazing awards night as a crescendo at the famous 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel which was an awesome end to an outstanding journey.

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