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Exciting announcement

As today is International Women’s Day we would like to acknowledge all the great women who are the back bone of so many industries and in particular, Event Management and Hospitality!

Today we are very excited to acknowledge and announce that Julie Plant our General Manager has become a Director of Medical Meetings and Face to Face Event Management.

Julie has always lived and breathed the hotel, hospitality and event management industries. She commenced with our team back in 2010 as Operations Manager and soon after became General Manager. Her passion for this industry, her total dedication to our team and our clients, her expert knowledge of everything Events and her “never say never” attitude is a testimony to her expertise and loyalty.

This woman has gumption! Julie will continue to take MM & F2F to the lead of our industry.

Congratulations Julie and thank you for everything you have brought to our companies and team!

For all the women out there, go hard and prosper.

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