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2023 MM & F2F Update

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

MM&F2F is on the move

Up up and away is 2023 in Australia and the Event Management Industry is a once again a vibrant course of excitement and anticipation.

After nearly 20 of years at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, we have now taken up new digs at Talavera Business Park, Talavera Rd Macquarie Park NSW 2113. Do pop in and visit us if your office is in the area as many clients are. In 2023 we were seeking a home closer to where our personnel live and away from the CBD traffic that causes so much longer a commute. M Park is conveniently located to expressways and allows a much shorter commute for our hard working tribe.

Introducing our Newest Faces at MMF2F

Special attention went towards recruitment in late 2022 so we can approach 2023 with a broader team now mixed with plenty of experience and some terrific new faces.

In March 2023, Allan Gifford our Event Director will be heading up our new Melbourne office. Joining him as an Event Manager will be Vicki Melhuish. Vicki joins us from the UK having worked on large corporate accounts and has a wonderful approach and eye-for-detail that fits in with our team culture. Vicki joined our ranks late last year and has already clocked up plenty of onsite assignments. Welcome aboard Vicki.

In Sydney we have Maddie Olley who joined us earlier this year. Maddie has a degree in EM and has quickly established herself in the Sydney operation. We anticipate seeing Maddie onsite most often and has just completed her first week in the field with flying colours. Welcome to MMF2F Maddie.

The Meeting Planner

In 2023 we are off to flying start with Pharma Kick Offs and Roadshows combo. The industry having been in a state of postponement is quickly re-establishing itself with the resumption of live and in-person events.

We are also seeing the return to international business and group travel. Destinations are starting with many of the closer and easier locations to access. Locations including Japan, Singapore and New Zealand and showing strong interest and other south east Asian destinations are also on the radar. In addition to Queenstown and Auckland which remain go 2 destinations in NZ, I also note the much deserved re emergence of destination Christchurch now back on the conference and event circuit. Christchurch has been rebuilt and reborn! In blogs to follow some in depth insights into everything Christchurch.

The major supply lines of our travel and tourism industry are working their way back to pre covid levels of supply. The two most important sectors being the aviation and the hotel sectors. Both of these giants of our industry struggled to maintain sufficient staffing levels in order for supply to meet demand. Now we are seeing more schedules and larger aircraft of the major airlines getting back into commission which gives the industry a much needed and major confidence booster. The hotel industry has also rebounded and the return of International students and visa holders is bolstering the workforce in the hospitality area.

Wishing everybody a most excellent 2023!

Watch this space for first hand reports and updates on new hotels and venues in Australia and beyond!

Stephen Turner & Gina Peterson

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